The Madeleine McCann case has occupied the attention of the worlds press, the visual media and internet users worldwide.

Opinion appears to be polarised into two camps – the “Pro’s” and the “Anti’s”

The Pro’s believe implicitly that on the evening of the 3rd May 2007 an unknown person entered the apartment in Prai de Luz, Portugal which was taken by the McCanns for a holiday and abducted their then almost 4 year old daughter, Madeleine.

This was accomplished while leaving no forensic traces behind.

The Anti’s believe that Madeleine died in the apartment and that her parents were responsible for covering it up and concealing her body.

Strangely enough, that is also the belief of the PJ police inspector Goncalo Ameral who was in charge of the case in the early stages (before he was removed in what some see as a political move to supress the case)

What the Spook does know is that there HAS been an abduction.

The truth has been abducted.

Justice has been abducted.

Free speech has been abducted.

But Madeleine McCann?

Well, I was going to say that the jury is out, but I haven’t even got that satisfaction.

The Spook

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